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Basic Thin Layer Chromatography Class Cost:    $400 US/ $500 CA   (Testing Kit for 20/25 samples included in class cost, a $180.00 US/$224 CA value)

Upcoming TLC Supply Kit certification class dates:


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To reserve the class date click on PayPal and deposit $300.00 US, the remaining amount for the class will be due on day of the class, ($100 US / $120 CA)                    

For people from Michigan who are looking at my website there is U.P. Bio Lab in Ironwood, Mi that will test for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, %moisture, molds, fungus, foreign material and pesticides for a very reasonable price ($20.00/strain). Call (262) 909-7684

Further Information:

Learn how to test Cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates for potency.  Our Basic Thin Layer Chromatography Class might be what you need!

In this class, training consultant, David Johnson, retired advanced chemistry instructor will guide attendees through the concept of thin layer chromatography, the proper applications and limitations of the technology, and proper lab safety and technique all while helping you test your first samples. The cost of the workshop includes a thin layer chromatography kit that comes with everything you will need to get started testing up to 20 or more flower or concentrate samples. Variable pipettes and digital scales are available as upgrades, if desired.

TLC kits are provided by TLC Lab Supply (a Southern Oregon company).

David Johnson has an Associate Degree from MSTI, BA Degree from University of Minnesota, Master Classes in Science and Technology, Wisconsin Teaching License in Broad Field Science and Chemistry.  Mr. Johnson has extensive teaching and laboratory experience in various science and professional fields.  His 20 plus years as an educator make him a positive fit for facilitating TLC Training Classes for individuals interested in mastering the use of TLC Supply Kit products.


                                        We use TLC Supply Kits which are the only test kit certified Internationally, including the USA.

Class # 1

Introduction to Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) on how it works, with hands on training in a 3+/- hour class which includes in the price of the class Test Kit # 1 (20-25 test -kit price $160.00 US ) total cost of the class is $400.00 US

**This is a" hands on" class, you will perform each step of the testing kit with the instructor this is not just a lecture

A manual will also be provided and the ability to purchase a scale and a variable pipette with 100 tips.

Class space is very limited so if you have a interest in joining one of our current classes please go to:

Notice: these classes fill up quickly, they are very small classes, only a limited amount of students are allowed per class. Certification of completion of TLC testing using our kits will be given out to class members.

We encourage out of area dispensary owners , product producers, small labs and individuals who want to become come more proficient in their field of interest to enroll.

Check for updates, information and future classes

This is a limited opportunity so don't miss out these classes are usually taught at a much higher cost.