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and evaluates its trainers to ensure participants are receiving satisfactory results and services.

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We are continuing to be the leader in the THC/CBD/CBN/CBG and Acids TLC testing industry.  TLC Chromatography is the oldest documented technique to separate chemical substances and to record solubility of cannabinoid groups in flower.

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TLC Lab Supply train unbiased third-party individuals to asses THC/CBD/CBN/CBG and Acids percent of moisture, molds, fungus and test for pesticides.


          New to the U.P. of Michigan

   U.P. Bio Lab in Ironwood, MI

                     (262) 909-7684

An affordable THC/cannabinoid testing lab that performs Thin Layer Chromatography Tests on your strains for as low as $20.00/strain, as well as perform visual microscope examinations for foreign material and trichome analysis on your strains.

Testing for harmful Pesticides is also available at a low cost of $10.00/strain. Call us at: (262) 909-7684. See below for more information.

U.P. Bio Lab Pricing Schedule for 2016

High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Technique is used for the testing of cannabinoid material**

Strain and Cannabinoid Testing

$20.00/strain                        3 – strains per plate

$25.00/strain                        2 – strains per plate

$30.00/strain                        1 – strain per plate
Strain Testing includes the following results:

% THC, % CBD, %THCv, %CBG, %CBC
%H2O (percent moisture)
Foreign Material (impurities) inspection by Microscopic Visual Inspection
Mold or Fungus Inspection by Microscopic Visual Inspection
Chemotype Profile Analysis

Visual Trichome Analysis

Pesticide Testing for Cholinesterase, Carbamates, Organophates*

*This test is in full compliance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization concerning the safety and quality of medical plant materials.  (WHO/PHARM/92.559)

**All other techniques lack the versatility and flexibility of HPTLC for the analysis of botanicals. HPTLC is the ONLY single technique that offers a generally applicable approach to compliance with the FDA requirement of 100% botanical identification

Our HPTLC testing has been used in many marijuana potency testing contest world-wide.

Our HPTLC Test Kits were used for the official testing at the S.O. Cultivators Cup, Southern OR. November 2013

Our HPTLC testing was used for the official testing of the 24th (2011) and 25th (2012 ) *High Times* Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our HPTLC Testing was used in the  2014 Willamette Valley Hemp Fest Official Cannabis Cup Testing.