Be your own boss and set you own cannabis lab up to become a 3rd Party tester by getting Certified in Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Cannabinoid Testing and do the testing yourself.

 Learn how to accurately and confidentiality assess the THC/CBD and other cannabinoids percentages (milligrams) in different strains of Medical Marijuana for Growers, Dispensaries, Private Users and Medical Labs.  Demand for regulators is growing as the laws change and regulations for the Marijuana Industry begin requiring testing of all strains for % potency, pesticides, mold and moisture before products are allowed into consumers hands.

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TLC Lab class assessment training certifies individuals seeking competency with TLC procedures.


We identify technology and procedures that will help take your service to the next level. 

TLC Lab Supply Company  monitors Instructors Performance through direct assessment procedures.



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Professional instructor, David Johnson, has extensive laboratory and teaching experience in science and years of educational service in teaching chemistry and science.  His passion for advancement toward medical marijuana legalization and regulation comes from his educators background in science where it has been shown that the medical uses of cannabis is real and needs continued researching as a beneficial product for human consumption.  Mr. Johnson believes that use of the TLC Lab Supply kits is the practical and cost effective answer to growers and dispensaries and eliminates the extremely high cost larger labs charge for strain testing.  Testing costs can go down to $3.00/strain using TLC Lab Supply kits which have been proven to be as accurate a measurement tool as a $175.00/strain test from a large testing lab using GC and HDLC instruments.

Once you are certified you can begin to oversee the implementation process from start to finish.